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Jan 31

Exodus 19-20: Sinai, part 2

The 10 Commandments and all the other Laws given to Moses have been fulfilled by Jesus Christ on behalf of the Christian. The Law still remains— revealing the character of God, showing sinners their need of a saviour— until the everything is accomplished in the Lord’s return. The commandments showed Israel how to live in covenant relationship with God, now that they were ‘saved’.
Stuart Holman
10 mins
Jan 30

Exodus 19-20: Sinai, part 1

While the people watch on, God calls Moses up Mount Sinai. At the foot of the mountain, God’s people learn that they are not alone in the desert. God is shepherding them towards the Promised Land. God who is holy, fearsome in power, perfect in purity— makes himself known to his people and binds himself to them in covenant.
Stuart Holman
11 mins
Jan 27

Exodus 16-18

Set free from Pharaoh, rescued through the Red Sea, and heading towards Sinai to meet with the God who has saved them en route to their Promised Land, Israel begins to grumble and complain. Instead of humble dependance on their God who loves them and saves them, Exodus 16-18 shows Israel as demanding and unfaithful. Although 'saved', they still need to be taught how to live with their God, depending on him for all things.
Vanessa Hughes
10 minutes
Jan 26

Exodus 11-15

Exodus 11 begins with the 10th and final of the plagues of judgment against Pharaoh and against the 'gods' of Egypt, who are all shown to be powerless in the face of the living God. Pharaoh's brutal plan of killing every Hebrew son is turned back upon the first-born sons of Egypt. God's deliverance is not merely an escape from tyranny, but it is a salvation from out of death-- remembered year after year at the Passover festival.
Vanessa Hughes
10 mins
Jan 25

Exodus 5-10

God, through Moses, calls Pharaoh to "Let my people go." Pharaoh hardens his heart, God while also hardens his heart; resulting in judgment in the form of 10 plagues. We are, perhaps, surprised at the stubbornness of the human heart in resisting God despite compelling evidence as to the futility of such pretence. Ness Hughes leads this series of Daily Devotionals in the first half of the book of Exodus.
Vanessa Hughes
10 mins
Jan 24

Exodus 3-4

Though Moses tries to convince God he is not up to the task, God reassures Moses that his plans will indeed be accomplished. Why? Because God will be with him. All that unfolds from here in the Exodus narrative should therefore be interpreted as the mighty work of Yahweh. God is with Moses and he is acting for his people.
Vanessa Hughes
10 mins
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