March Devotionals

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Mar 31

1 Samuel 29-31

Throughout 1 Samuel, the story of Saul and David has been told in tandem, with narrative threads intertwined. The conclusion to the book is no different: contrasting events happen simultaneously. Chapters 29 and 30 complete the story of David and his men. And then, in chapter 31, we are told the conclusion to Saul’s story. Next week, we pause our journey through the Old Testament to prepare ourselves for Easter.
Stuart Holman
11 mins
Mar 30

1 Samuel 27-28

David puts himself in some compromising situations. He is finds himself in deep trouble. And yet God delivers him. David, nor us, deserve deliverance but God’s mercy is greater than our stubbornness.
Stuart Holman
11 mins
Mar 29

1 Samuel 24-26

While David shows loyalty to Saul by sparing his life, twice, we don’t for a moment imagine him to be the perfect human being. Instead it is Abigail’s wise and gracious actions that crown this narrative unit. In the face of rejection and betrayal, David cannot demand to be treated like a king by Nabal or the Ziphites, especially because he is not king— yet. Instead he learns restraint and humility through Abigail’s actions.
Stuart Holman
11 mins
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