Growing Disciples

Growing Disciples is a year long course that promises to grow us as disciples of Jesus Christ. Rather than merely 'knowing about' God, we will be helped to know him personally and relationally. This happens as we build a daily habit of 'slowing down' to intentionally focus ourselves on God, reading the bible and praying.
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Feb 1

Todays Devotional

Exodus 19-20: Commands 1 and 2

Stuart Holman
10 mins

The Exodus

"We read in the Exodus account the unfolding story of God shaping a people who will be the answer to the question posed in Genesis: how will God redeem his world and restore the creation order?"
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Operation World

Each month we will explore the prayer needs of a particular ministry or people group, learning to pray beyond our everyday sphere. This month we pray for all nations around the world, using the Operation World app 

Since 2016, Operation World has been more actively engaged with the rapidly growing number of prayer movements unfolding around the globe.
The year at a glance

February Overview

It is always good to know the focus of each month! So feel free to also look ahead to see the plan for themes, prayers, growth exercises and Bible readings for the entirety of 2023.
2023 Overview
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February 1, 2023

Exodus 19-20: Commands 1 and 2

God’s commandments reveal his nature to us, as well showing us how to live in relationship with him. The first and second commandments show us that God’s love for us is a jealous love. He will tolerate no rivals for our love because of his own strong and passionate love for us. Worshipping anything else, or mediating worship for God through anything else, is an insult to God because it limits his glory.
Stuart Holman
10 mins
January 31, 2023

Exodus 19-20: Sinai, part 2

The 10 Commandments and all the other Laws given to Moses have been fulfilled by Jesus Christ on behalf of the Christian. The Law still remains— revealing the character of God, showing sinners their need of a saviour— until the everything is accomplished in the Lord’s return. The commandments showed Israel how to live in covenant relationship with God, now that they were ‘saved’.
Stuart Holman
10 mins
January 30, 2023

Exodus 19-20: Sinai, part 1

While the people watch on, God calls Moses up Mount Sinai. At the foot of the mountain, God’s people learn that they are not alone in the desert. God is shepherding them towards the Promised Land. God who is holy, fearsome in power, perfect in purity— makes himself known to his people and binds himself to them in covenant.
Stuart Holman
11 mins
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Hear from some of those you will be joining in this program as we strive to grow as followers of Jesus together.
"This has been a daily practise for me on my way in to work, helping me centre each day on Jesus"
St Swithuns Pymble
"This is a great resource for anyone wanting to connect more deeply with God's word"
St Andrews Roseville
"Listening to the devotional each morning sets me up for the day and doing the reading in the evening closes my day. I have found it a useful tool in my walk in the faith."
St Andrews Roseville
"I am looking forward to making Growing Disciples a part of my daily routine this year, knowing I will be doing it along side people from my church and Bible study."
St Andrews Roseville