Growing Disciples

Growing Disciples is an open resource that promises to grow us as disciples of Jesus Christ. Rather than merely 'knowing about' God, we will be helped to know him personally and relationally.

Growing Disciples:  Streams

Bible Narrative Stream

The Bible Narrative Stream aims to help us develop a regular devotional life with God by following the story of the bible right through in a year. Start any time. Choose to go as far as you wish with Daily Devotionals, Bible Readings, Growth Exercises and Prayer Projects. New devotionals are added each week day with all other resources updated monthly.​

This is recommended for people who have been Christians for a while who want to grow in their day-by-day relationship with God.  

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Studies Stream

The Studies Stream easy access to all the existing Growing Disciples video resources. This stream also features new ‘Deep Dive’ studies on selected books and important themes of the Bible.

Frequently Asked Questions will also be answered in written articles. New resources will be added each month.

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Starters Stream

The Starters Stream provides an easy beginning for those who are just starting to read the Bible for themselves. Helpful tools and resources make bible reading enjoyable on a journey through John’s gospel, with useful explanations introducing each new section.

​This will be a new series of videos available later in 2024.

Coming Soon

About the Streams

What do the Streams mean?

We are all different, all on our own journey of discipleship. Some of us are just starting out, some are seasoned travellers. The Streams provide different ways of accessing the Growing Disciples materials. The Streams allow us each to choose the way we'll use the site and its resources.

Which Stream is right for me?

The Bible Narrative Stream is best for the Christian who wants to establish a regular pattern of Bible Reading and Prayer so that they will actually grow as a Christian. The formation of a daily habit is supported by reminder emails with easy access to the video devotional for the day, the bible reading program, the growth exercises and prayer projects. This program follows the story of the Bible, from Genesis through to Revelation, in the course of a year. No need to go back to the beginning, just jump in today!

The Studies Stream opens up access to all the daily devotional videos in a searchable library. It allows users to choose the particular book or part of the Bible they want to focus on or study. The Studies Stream also has additional 'in depth' studies of some Books of the Bible, themes or topics-- with more being added all the time. Study papers will also be added to this section addressing questions and challenges commonly encountered in the text.

The Starters Stream is designed for those who are just beginning to read the Bible for themselves, providing an easy way in to the Gospel of John. Sections of John's gospel are introduced so the they become accessible and readable. Guide notes and explanations make sense of 'bible terms' that are not used in every day English. [This Stream is 'coming soon']

Can I jump between Streams?

Yes, you can jump between Streams at any time. Just click on the red buttons above saying 'Continue to the Stream.'

What if I have more questions?

We're building a Open Questions Forum soon, but for now--feel free to email us on